A spectrum of lifestyle

A real estate company which structured the urban cityscape of Bangalore. With its headquarters in the World’s most dynamic city, Century Real Estate has been an all-time favourite since its inception. Whether you are planning to settle amidst nature or want to be the part of a city life with all luxuries, we have numerous residential projects for you.

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Within, yet apart.

An apartment or an independent house with all amenities will be a dream-come-true for anyone. With Kite Realtors Real Estate’s projects dotting the major nooks of the city, it’s now easy to find your perfect abode. Associating yourself with the most trusted builders in Bangalore can help you find your home of impeccable quality and value for money.

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Green Buildings

Kite Realtors is a Real Estate to recognize and embrace the importance of going green. We recognized very early the impact of green buildings on the environment and brought “Green Architecture” that works in harmony with natural features and resources to maximise efficiency of many of our projects.

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Our Believe

The Kite Realtors employees and stake holders are motivated by exhilarating leadership opportunities, empowered to deal with challenges, by safe guarding and future-proofing company’s legacy and growth, by being customer friendly and worthy of their trust.

That customers benefit from new technologies, revolutionary materials and cutting edge design, that their changing lifestyles and evolving needs are met through forward-looking innovations, committed support and involvement from the company.

That employees are encouraged to think creatively, to constantly learn from their exposure to international architects, global standards, and futuristic designs while structured training programmes allow employees to grow with the company. Century’s core values of respect and excellence will provide them with a secure and friendly work environment maximizing their potential thus inculcating a sense of pride and commitment to the organization.


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